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Golden Bear Beckwith Connector opens the Eastern side of Mt. Juliet

Crews have been working since October 2015, on a road project that was first envisioned in the late 1990’s. This vision was to complete a road that connects Highway 70 to I-40, bypassing the heavy traffic on Mt. Juliet Rd.

The fifth phase of the project, headed by Deputy Public Works Director, Andy Barlow, includes the longest distance of the road being built, at a cost of $13,822,316.65. Over 283,000-cubic-yards were excavated, 119,000 tons of base stone was put down, 3,227-cubic-yards of concrete were used and 52,768 tons of asphalt were rolled. All of these costs were split between the Federal Highway Administration and the City of Mt. Juliet, with the TDOT overseeing the project.

“This is such an exciting day. The city of Mt. Juliet was incorporated in 1972, so for 45 years there has been one way in and one way out, as of today we are doubling the capacity,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty.

County representatives and residents gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony, Monday July 24, to celebrate the opening of this long awaited bypass. The event was held at the bride at East Division Street and Golden Bear Gateway. Speakers included City Manager Kenny Martin, Mayor Ed Hagerty and Commissioners, Senator Mae Beavers, Representative Susan Lynn, and TDOT Deputy Commissioner, Paul Degges.

This project truly was a group effort, bringing everyone together to complete a common goal.

“It’s really amazing how federal, state and local have worked together to make this possible,” said Representative, Susan Lynn. “We want to thank the taxpayers for all of their hard work and contributions, making this possible.”

This ribbon cutting brings the entire project closer to completion, and opens a new transportation option for Mt. Juliet.

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