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Hagerty announces re-election campaign

Ed Hagerty has officially announced his re-election plans for the office of Mayor in the City of Mt. Juliet. 

Hagerty has been married to Katrina for 31 years, father of three daughters, Kristina, Kacy, and Kelly, father-in-law to Sam Parnell, and grandfather to Eli and Kate.  “We chose Mt. Juliet as our home in 1982 and have been amazed at the many changes over the years,” said Hagerty.  Ed has spent the last 15 years teaching American Government and Economics; he is also the operations manager at Dealer’s Warehouse. His wife, Katrina, is the founder of Heritage Christian Academy, a large homeschool organization.    They worship at New Hope Baptist Church where they have led a couples Sunday School class, taught youth classes, and where Ed is an ordained deacon and active member.

At a gathering of supporters and friends, Hagerty stated, “As your mayor, I have worked hard every day to help our city. I returned your phone calls, answered your emails and helped you with your city government issues – it has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I hope to continue in the mission of public service on which I embarked when first elected in 2000.”

Hagerty has earned a reputation for being a conservative champion of limited government, free markets, capitalism, and our constitutional freedoms. He is an advocate for the proper role of government.  Hagerty said, “Governments must be restrained.  Too often, governments exceed their charter and enter businesses that are best left to the private sector.”

Hagerty continued, “I believe in our low tax heritage, am committed to traffic solutions that make sense, and am a firm advocate for proper staffing of police and emergency services and protecting our city from unwanted development in order to enhance your property value. I strongly supported and brought many much needed road projects to our fast growing city, including the widening of Mt. Juliet Road, the eastern connector at Beckwith and I-40, and soon a new interchange at Central Pike. The citizens of our city are conservative; I am proud to share my faithful conservative record with them.” 

The vision Hagerty articulated in the year 2000 guides him today. The choice then was to settle for Mt. Juliet to be a bedroom community of Nashville or to be a true edge city where you can live, work, shop, play, and worship right here in Mt. Juliet.  Under his leadership the city has done extremely well with these components. Hagerty believes that his next challenge is to recruit a corporate relocation and class A office space to enhance Mt. Juliet’s work opportunities.  Hagerty states that the Beckwith Interchange is driving this as well as the planned interchange at Central Pike.

Hagerty served District 3 as City Commissioner from 2000-2011. In April 2011, as Vice Mayor, he became Mayor when the officeholder resigned. He has also served on the Regional Planning Commission since 2000 and is currently Vice Chair. Hagerty stated, “These were some challenging times as our city grew rapidly. Despite the fast growth, I’m proud to be a part of shaping our superb city. Folks frequently tell me how much they love Mt. Juliet. I do, too. The standards put in place were instrumental in the quality of our growth.”

Hagerty wrapped up his remarks by stating, “I ask for the honor of your vote which would allow me to continue to serve you.”

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