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Halloween Safety Tips

Well, it’s Halloween time again. With that in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween. Below is a list of preventive steps I’ve prepared for the citizens. These are tips you may find helpful in making your Halloween a safe and fun adventure for all involved.  

1. Prepare ahead of time the route and location of your trick or treating

2. Only trick or treat in areas and locations you are familiar with

3. Make sure the costume you are your child wears, has large eye and mouth openings. This will assure that you and your child can see and breath clearly

4. Make sure the costume can be seen at night. For better visibility, attach reflective material to the costume itself

5. Purchase a flashlight for guiding your way around obstacles and better visibility

6. Walk up to houses using driveways and sidewalks to avoid unseen obstacles and tripping. When having to walk through yards, make sure to watch for clothes lines, dogs, small trees, low lying limbs, potholes and other obstacles

7. Never trick or treat alone. Always walk and stay with a parent, guardian or friend

8. Upon receiving treats, never consume the treats until they have been properly and carefully examined by an adult, parent or guardian. Criminals have been known to place needles, small nails, razor blades and other toxic substances in or on candy and other treats.

9. Another option is to contact your local hospital to see if they are offering free treat x-rays and examinations on Halloween night

10. Other popular alternatives to trick or treating are Halloween Parties and Church Trunk or Treat Functions.

 In closing, let’s all have a fun, safe and happy Halloween, especially the kids!    

Kenneth Martin


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