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Holiday Crime Prevention Measures

With the holiday season upon us, we should take advantage of and use any and all extra crime prevention, safety and security measures available to prevent becoming the victim of a crime. One such measure is to be on the look out for drunk drivers. The number of drunk or drinking drivers increases around the holiday season.

If one intends on drinking they should plan ahead and get a ride to and from an event. If for some reason you end up drinking and didn’t plan on doing so, simply either stay where you are and call either a friend, family member or a taxi cab to carry you home. Taking these measures will save you money, accidents, injuries, jail time and even your life.

Another measure to take is to use common sense. During the holiday season, thieves and burglars scope out local subdivisions and parking lots looking for Christmas gifts stored in automobiles. When shopping or storing gifts in your vehicle, always either cover the gifts or store them out of sight or in the trunk of your vehicle. Never leave gifts in your vehicle over night, unless locked away and out of sight.

Another thing to consider is the day after Christmas. Drive through any subdivision or community the day after Christmas and you’ll notice lots of empty boxes at the curb of people’s yards and driveways. These boxes usually have things like 27-inch color television, hi-fi stereo and sound system or any other expensive brand name you can think of on the box.

This is a bad practice that should be avoided if at all possible. This practice simply advertises to any thief or burglar that you just received more valuables for him or her to steal. If you have boxes the day after Christmas, simply break down the boxes and place them in trash bags. This may seem like quite a bit of work, but it is well worth the effort.

In closing, don’t make burglarizing your home or automobile easy for a thief or burglar. Who knows, maybe if we make it tough enough on them they’ll actually get jobs and buy the gifts themselves, like the rest of us.

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