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Hutto gives update on county’s fight against COVID-19

By Kenny Howell

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto sat down with the Mt. Juliet Chamber Wednesday to talk the pandemic and fire and life safety within the county.
Hutto started the meeting talking about COVID-19 and the improving numbers recently.
“There has been a 65 percent reduction in cases in the last month in a half,” said Hutto of the county numbers.
He said that ICU capacity has also improved by 10 percent, and the infection rate, the amount of people that get tested that are positive, also has dropped.
Hutto spoke on the vaccine distribution, which is working through the phase of 75 and up right now.
“Once the majority of that lists is done, we will go to 70 and up,” said Hutto.
Hutto said that phase won’t last as long because the number of people in that group will be much smaller. Teachers will also be vaccinated at that same time at their individual schools with the help of the school nurses. He said the county will let everyone know when it is time to go to the next phase, and you should see or read news stories when it is time.
At this moment, all vaccinations are done at the College Hills Church of Christ, but it will be changing soon. Vanderbilt Medical Center, Buckeye Drugs, Gibbs Pharmacy and Del Mar Medical all got approved to administer the vaccine. It won’t change the number of vaccines that the county receives, but it will allow people to get vaccinated and maybe in a more convenient place.
Hutto said he has received calls of people confused whether they are truly on the wait list, or they need to do it again.
“If you got an email or a callback you are good to go,” said Hutto. “It takes a little while to get there [actually get the vaccination].”
Hutto also said that they are continuing to tell people to wear masks because some people are under the assumption that if you get vaccinated you can’t get it or spread it, when the opposite is true. The vaccine just keeps you from having a serious illness, not from actually getting the virus or spreading it.
In other remarks, Hutto said the county is expanding fire and life safety protection in the county by building two new stations on the east and west side of the county. One station will be built on Clemmons Road, and the other will be out on Central Pike near the intersection of S. Mt. Juliet Road. He said the ambulance that is at the Belinda City station will move to the one on Central Pike, and the county has purchased a new fire truck to go there as well.

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