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Hutto wins re-election

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto with his family. Hutto was re-elected for a third term in the Aug. 2 election.

Randall Hutto was re-elected to serve a third term as Wilson County mayor, defeating former State Senator Mae Beavers by nearly 11,000 votes. According to the Wilson County Election Commission, 37 percent of the 81,365 registered voters participated in the election.

Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan was also re-elected, winning with nearly 70 percent of the vote against Mt. Juliet District 1 Commissioner Ray Justice.

Jim Major was re-elected County Trustee with nearly 85 percent of the vote, defeating Al Partee Jr.

Debbie Moss remained Circuit Court Clerk and Jim Goodall remained County Clerk, both uncontested.

Jackie Murphy was elected Register of Deeds, defeating opponent Justin Davis by almost 8,000 votes.

Four School Board members were named: Bill Robinson, Zone 2; Linda Armistead, Zone 4; Kimberly McGee, Zone 6; and Chad Karl, Zone 7.

Three Constables ran uncontested: Jacob Austin, Zone 1; Wesley Winthrop Thompson III, Zone 2; and Ronnie Greer, Zone 5. Frank Guzman was elected Constable for Zone 3, defeating Alan Kaiser, and Jenny Lenning-Faulk was chosen Constable for Zone 4, defeating Thomas Marshalek.

Two County Commission contests ended in ties. Robert Fields and Tim Roehler both received 526 votes for District 1, while Kevin Graves and Kenny Reich each received 571 votes for District 6.

Candidates elected to County Commission include: Cyndi Bannach, District 2; Bobby Franklin, District 3; Chad Barnard, District 4; Jerry McFarland, District 5; Terry Scruggs, District 7; Kevin Costley, District 8; Sara Patton, District 9; Daniel Walker, Jr., District 10; John Gentry, District 11; Terry Ashe, District 12; Sonja Robinson, District 13; Tommy Jones, District 14; Chris Dowell, District 15; Diane Weathers, District 16; Gary Keith, District 17; Lauren Breeze, District 18; William Glover III, District 19; Annette Davis-Stafford, District 20; Mike Kurtz, District 21; Wendell Marlowe, District 22; Sue Vanatta, District 23; Joy Bishop, District 24; Justin Smith, District 25.

The following candidates will be on the ballot for the Federal and State General Election, to be held in November.

Republican Bill Lee and Democrat Karl Dean were chosen as the candidates for the November election for Tennessee Governor. Lee won Wilson County with 41 percent of the Republican vote.

Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen won the nominations to replace U.S. Sen. Bob Corker.

Rep. Mark Pody and Mary Alice Carfi will again face off in the November election for Tennessee Senate Seat District 17. Pody defeated Carfi in a special election after Mae Beavers gave up her seat to run for governor.

Incumbent Rep. Clark Boyd will face Mark Cagle for Tennessee House of Representatives District 46.

Incumbent Rep. Susan Lynn and Jordan Cole are the candidates for the District 57 seat for Tennessee House of Representatives.

Jerry Beavers and Terri Nicholson were elected to the Republican State Executive Committee for District 17. Aubrey Givens and Carol Brown Andrews were elected to the Democratic SEC District 17.

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The winner of District 18 County Commissioner was misstated as Bob Richie. Lauren Breeze was elected to the seat with 55 percent of the vote.

District 15 County Commissioner Chris Dowell’s name was misspelled in the same article.

The State Executive Committee results were clarified for the same article. Terri Nicholson was elected to the Republican SEC with 51 percent of the vote, not Jennifer Winfree as previously stated.

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