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Investigation leads to early morning round-up

Earlier this month, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and Lebanon Police Department Narcotic Divisions presented cases to the Wilson County Grand Jury. 

The two agencies conducted 137 investigations during a lengthy investigation on 89 people who were indicted.  At least 33 of the 89 people are convicted felons. Out of the 137 investigations, 37 occurred within 1,000 feet of a school zone which is an enhancement to the original charge. 

On Friday, April 12, the two agencies conducted a round-up of the 89 people.  The two agencies took 33 into custody on the indictments. 

Within the 137 investigations, there were numerous charges related to narcotics: Heroin (12 cases), Cocaine (22 cases), Meth (39 cases), Non opioid Pharmaceutical pills (14 cases), Opioid Pharmaceutical pills (14 cases), Marijuana (60 cases), MDMA/Psychedelic Mushrooms (3 cases), Firearm (22 cases), and Fentanyl (3 cases).

“I can’t say enough about the great work that the narcotic detectives involved in these cases have done,” said Sheriff Robert Bryan. “We are making great progress in taking drugs off the streets and holding those who are dealing and using accountable, but there remains a lot to be done. This lengthy investigation was a huge success as you can see from the amount of cases worked with the various drugs that are listed.”

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