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Jackson Hills convenience store approved by planning

A controversial convenience store at the front of the Jackson Hills subdivision was approved with some changes at the Planning Commission meeting Thursday.
The commercial space was approved in the original PUD for the development. However, some residents had issue with the effect it would have on their community, specifically the traffic issues it could cause because it will not have direct access to Golden Bear Gateway. Over 60 e-mails from upset Jackson Hills residents were sent to the Planning Commission before the meeting.
“You have a public safety issue, No. 1,” said Commissioner Scott Hefner. Hefner represents the community on the Board of Commissioners as well as his role on the Planning Commission.
After much discussion, the commission approved it with a new right in-right out access off Golden Bear Gateway. Customers will have the option to use the right in-right out, Vanner Road or Sire Avenue.
There were some changes on the Planning Commission. Bobby Franklin and Chuck Turner are no longer on the commission, and they were replaced with County Commissioner Diane Weathers and local real estate agent Darin Cunningham. Since Turner was the vice chair, an election to fill that position was held. Hefner was the only one that volunteered to do it, and he was approved. He will hold the position for the next two meetings when new elections for the chair and vice chair are held.

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