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Jennifer Milele seeks to keep Mt. Juliet city commission seat

Following her August 2019 appointment to fill a vacancy on the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners, Jennifer Milele has announced her run for election in November to keep her seat. 

“It was my pledge to serve as a citizen advocate, to be a good communicator, and to bring the voice of the people to the BOC, with no bias or personal agenda,” said Milele. “In my view, I not only have kept my pledges in my own district, but on behalf of residents in other districts as well, who have reached out to me. I am conservative and stand for limited government, low taxes, and doing what I can to help implement signal and road improvements.

She continued, “Going forward, I am campaigning and asking my constituents to elect and keep me as their commissioner of District 4 this November, so that I can continue serving as their citizen advocate. It is such a great honor and I take this position very serious, with a heart to serve.”

“There are several projects within District 4 I would like to see completed that I have been working on for a few months,” she said. “A few have already been completed, some are ongoing, and others are yet to be implemented. It’s important for me to see these through.”

Milele said she believes in open communications and would like to see more opportunities for discussion during BOC meetings, as well as additional workshops, which are always open to the public. Milele recently hosted a town hall discussion between her constituents, as well as others, and the developer on the Providence Central development.

“I thought it went very well and many concerned citizens came out to ask questions and express concerns over the development and what it might mean for the city going forward,” she said. “I know the value of being connected and having a voice, therefore I would like to hold more of these meetings to engage the public and let them know they have a right to be heard.” 

To keep her constituents informed, she sends out monthly newsletters and it would be her desire to get people interested in their city and help educate them on how the city works, policies and procedures, what is involved in changing a law, and more.

“I am serious about keeping my seat and having the opportunity to earn the votes of citizens in District 4,” she said. Milele said she is excited to see what the future holds for Mt. Juliet and looks forward to continuing to play a key role in its vision and smart growth along the way.

Jennifer Milele has been a resident of Mt. Juliet since 1984, where she raised her two sons that call Mt. Juliet home, and is happily married to her husband, Pete, who is retired from the U.S. Postal Service. She works in and around Mt. Juliet as a freelance graphic designer and merchandiser for various department stores. Milele’s background is in customer service, advertising and graphic design.

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