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Life is full of movement

Jacob Armstrong – Pastor, Providence United Methodist Church

Life is full of movement. Movement is not a bad thing. Movement can be evidence of life. Many times I have tiptoed into a darkened bedroom to inspect the movement of one of my three little girls. The rise and fall of a chest, the beating of a heart. Life is full of movement. Movement is not a bad thing. It can mean I have purpose, a place to go, some thing to do. Sure, sometimes my schedule overwhelms me, but often times it gives me energy to know I have a reason to move, a reason to go and do.

Movement is not a bad thing, but movement is not the key indicator in purpose and meaning and direction. In fact, some – times we can feel like we are moving and not heading anywhere. We’re moving, but we feel no further along in the journey, no closer to our goal. In a strange way, movement can be paralyzing. Too much movement can make you feel stuck; stuck in the same old routine that’s not going anywhere.

In a culture that craves and even demands movement, I believe our souls are crying out for quiet and rest. Make no mistake, there will be times when God says “move” and God says “go”. But, I think, God has this message for many of us today, an ancient word found in the Scriptures.

“Be Still.” In Psalm 46, God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It is as if there is something in being still that reminds us of our belief that the Lord is God. It insinuates that in the movement of our life we can easily lose sight of the knowledge that God is God and God is with us. The movement of life can fool us into thinking we are in control, but when we stop we remember who truly is in charge. If you haven’t yet today, I would recommend that you stop and be still before God. Be still and know that God is God and you are not.

At first, when you stop it may take time for everything to stop moving in your heart and mind. Wait it out, it will be worth it when you come to the knowledge that God is with you in your evermoving life.

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