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Local group honors officer

Mt. Juliet Police helped surprise one of their own Thursday with the help of Rising Angels.
On Nov. 28th, the Rising Angel Team received a call from Chief James Hambrick of the Mt. Juliet Police Department, concerning one of his loyal and dedicated officers, Corporal Robert Kimbrough.

Corporal  Kimbrough was going through some rough times, and the department  wanted to show their love and appreciation for this God-fearing officer and his family. Corporal Kimbrough has been a faithful public servant for many years, serving as Deputy Chief with the La Vergne Fire Department for 23 years and now as a Police Officer with MJPD for three years.
On April 18, 2017, Corporal Kimbrough went in for a routine surgery and was supposed to be out for only three weeks. His three weeks then changed  into nine months of rough times, including five additional surgeries.

This put a huge load on his family, especially his devoted wife Tammy. She not only had to work harder to accommodate for the loss of his steady income, but also to continue her husband’s daily duties which is not an easy task for anyone.
As of Dec. 4, 2017, Corporal Kimbrough has returned to the Department but on light duty. He has one more surgery that will take place sometime in the near future.
On Dec. 6, the Rising Angel Team set up a fake interview with Corporal Kimbrough for a new magazine showcasing officers in the community.

Disguised as a local writer, Stacey Woodson interviewed Corporal Kimbrough about his setbacks and goals. He talked briefly about his nine-month ordeal, but then said, “My goals are to be back on the streets by February, to tell everyone about what Christ has brought me through and to take my awesome wife on a special trip to the Smoky Mountains.”
After the interview, the Rising Angel Team then contacted local and statewide businesses to join together to make this dedicated officer’s goals come true.
The Rising Angel Team is happy to report that Corporal Kimbrough’s goals are now a reality. He is back on the streets and is spreading the news about what God has done for him.

The RA Team presented Corporal Kimbrough with a complimentary stay for two nights at River Stone Resort and Spa in the Smoky Mountains, a $100 spa certificate, passes for his entire family to Dollywood, free home massages for two, and two Balcony Center Tickets at the Schermerhorn for the Mother’s Day with Brian McKnight Concert.

Rising Angels also surprised Chief Hambrick and his wife with two Brian McKnight concert tickets.

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