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Looking Unto Jesus

Hebrews chapter 12 gives us the encouragement to lay aside the thing that weights us down and causes us to stray from a life of holiness and purity in Christ. It continues by admonishing us to “run this race” with the endurance that finishes well. The writer of the letter then makes this statement – “…looking unto Jesus, the author of our faith…” One translator renders this “gaze upon Jesus…”

It is true, as Christians we are daily faced with temptations and pressures to compromise our values and principles. Whether it be in the print or electronic media, influences in the workplace, or maybe in our place of recreation or exercise, the opportunity is there to sacrifice our integrity. Our integrity is that which enables us to properly integrate with the Lord Jesus.

If that is violated, we dilute our fellowship with Him and the result is a reduced quality of life (hopefully only temporarily).

The word in this passage for “looking unto” in the original text really means “looking away from something in order to fix one’s gaze on one object.”

The assumed posture is important for us to grasp if we are to lead a successful Christian life. Not only do we turn our gaze upon the Messiah and view Him in all His majesty; we make a conscience decision to look away from all the voices and allurements that would cause us to do those things we might regret later.

I think it is important for us to remember Who it was that actually made us and gave us life. The creator of something is most likely the best party to consult when that “something” is malfunctioning. The one that made it has the best insight as to how it will operate at an optimum and how to correct the course when departed from. It is no different with us. Our Creator fashioned us and gave us instructions as to how can live the optimal life as His children. He knows what it best for us and He knows the lifestyles that will cause us heartache, and sometimes, even ill health. He doesn’t instruct us to avoid adultery, drunkenness, etc., because He is a grumpy God and never wants us to have any fun. It is because He understands better than we do the detriment these modes of behavior will have on our lives.

So, what is it that might be your Achilles heel? Is there some issue that you struggle with in your daily walk with Christ? Examine your gaze. Turn your focus and gaze away from the sin that might easily entangle you and fix it upon the Author of your faith.

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