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Luffman running for Mayor

My name is Jamie Luffman and I live at 511 Summit Way in the City of Mt. Juliet. I am a husband (Jill’s friend and financial partner), father (Josh’s Dad), son of James “Sluggo” (since Jesus wore sandals, the greatest man to wear shoes), and June (Saint and mother of common sense), brother, nephew, uncle, friend, Firefighter/EMT for Wilson County Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Department EMT for Summit Medical Center, retired Incident Commander of DuPont Emergency Services, and Sunday School teacher with 15 years of tenure at West Hills Baptist Church. And, after much prayerful consideration and encouragement from family, friends, and local business leaders, I am also a candidate for Mayor of the City of Mt. Juliet.

I was raised on a rural route in West Wilson County before there was an incorporated City of Mt. Juliet and I have grown up with this city. I remember the days of one farm ending where the next began, party-line telephones, thinking we were something when we got our flashing yellow light at Hwy. 70 and MJ road, and only @ 8,000 residents. Now look where we are today with 20 square miles, 25,000+ residents, 15+ banks/lending institutions, and multiple shopping centers of all sizes, ours is a blessing worth preserving and protecting.

A lot of my hunting land and stomping grounds were given up, but I believe in my heart of hearts, it has been well worth it. Even to the point where I decided to stay here, make my living here, and raise my family here. In all my travels, from Boston to California, from Canada to Haiti, this city is the BEST… it is comfortable and it is HOME. I welcome our new arrivals and will work diligently to make Mt. Juliet the city that meets your needs.

Being the son of a sailor, I fully realize the importance of your right to cast a free ballot and my responsibility in asking for that vote. In my role as a civil servant and as a candidate for this office, I hope to honor the men and women that have fought, bled, and died to provide this democratic process.

My life, my work, my actions, and my relationships have been and will continue to be centered on the scripture found in Matthew 25:40, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” My approach will have the foundation of wisdom, humility, honor…and common sense. My goal will be to have you proud of me and not bring shame to my father’s good name. If you vote for me, I will work to make you happy you did. If you do not vote for me, I will strive to make you wish you had. But remember, above all else, vote. It is your right paid for with a precious price.

Fire protection and emergency services are marquee items in this year’s election as they have been for several years in the past. With each election we have more discussion and more identified needs. I am nearing 20 years in my career of doing the job as a firefighter providing life safety and loss prevention services. I began at the entry level and worked my way to the top position of leadership in this field holding every job in between. With an array of talented people from all aspects of the field, I helped build a fire department for a Fortune 500 company. I would like to offer my experience in this arena to a plan that would provide sustainable adequate protection to all the citizens and businesses that call Mt. Juliet home.

But this is not the only issue and I am more than just a firefighter. Because I have lived here all my life, I am well versed in this city’s history and its needs. Lifelong friends and neighbors have told me of their concerns. For example, suggestions to address the infrastructure needs in the established neighborhoods along Mt. Juliet Road. There exists an opportunity to re-invest in the Charlie Daniels Park and MJ Community Center and turn it into a “world class” family recreation facility offering programs for ALL ages, thus giving residents a reason to stay close to home and enjoy their hobbies.

Our current law enforcement efforts are paying off with great results. The officers and their leaders want to do more to eliminate the drug and illicit sex element. Specific safety issues need to be addressed to give each citizen the greatest piece of mind. There is interest in the recruitment of an educational institute of higher learning/trade school located here for our kids to begin a career and our “older kids” to start a new career. Also, create plans for re-evaluating our approach in assisting our existing businesses with “banner up” weekends and “Celebrate the City” gatherings in the park. Also, creating ways to attract new businesses with full time employment and benefits for the citizens of this city. These items will make life better for those who call Mt. Juliet home and it is my plan to utilize local talent to get them done.

Being a home owner, I have the knowledge and responsibility of paying a mortgage and taxes. I am married to a former elementary school teacher and currently have a child in the school system which provides me with a working knowledge of our education offerings. I know the roads, the utilities, the businesses, and the recreation opportunities. I know and love this city…it is my prayer to represent it as a Christian leader with a servant’s heart and a man of faith.

In closing, thank you again so very much for your time. Since my resources are limited, you won’t be seeing a great deal of yard signs. George Washington handed out buttons while Thomas Jefferson wrote nasty letters and spoke harsh of his opponents…I will do neither. I will not make enemies trying to make a difference. I do not believe it ever has to be that way. In stark contrast to what you see on the larger local and national stage, I will concentrate my comments on my message based on my experience, my qualifications, and YOUR input. It is my hope that this message finds meaning with you. We should be very proud of our city as our leaders have done well. My desire is to use my blessings, experience, and affection for this city to build on our present success and make decisions that create a firm foundation for our lasting future. May God bless you all with peace and good health. Stay safe.

Jamie Luffman

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