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Luttrell contract approved

The Wilson County School Board approved the contract for new Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell and said goodbye to Dr. Donna Wright at the board meeting Monday.
“We look forward to your time at Wilson County Schools,” said Board Chair Larry Tomlinson after approving the contract for Luttrell. Luttrell will take over the position July 1.
Dr. Wright was honored with a resolution at the start of the meeting. Tomlinson read off the resolution which listed many of her accomplishments in the past seven years in the position.
“All I did was promote the work that was already taking place,” said Dr. Wright of the school system while holding back tears. “These 7 years at Wilson County Schools have been some of the best I have ever experienced.”
At the end of the meeting when she finished her last recommendation to the board, she stated that it was it for the night, and for seven years. But it wasn’t the last time she would do everything she could for the school system.
“I will always advocate for Wilson County Schools,” said Dr. Wright.
Dr. Wright also allowed presentations to be made about a federal grant that could be awarded to the school system, and two others that already have been.
Wilson County Schools is seeking an ESSER grant, which was part of the COVID-19 Relief package signed back in March. The school system is seeking $12.5 million to address learning loss during the pandemic. The funds are one-time or short-term expenditures to address issues caused by the pandemic. Wilson County Schools sent out an email to all parents Monday to get feedback on how they think the school system should use the money if received. You can take the survey at The deadline to submit is Tuesday, July 6.
The school system also received $759,000 in grants to help with a program to get students ready to fill jobs that are much needed in the community. $20,000 from the State of Tennessee was also received to benefit the teaching of Civics within the school system.