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Luttrell talks schools with Chamber

Wilson County Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell stopped by the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon Wednesday to ask the community to be a voice for teachers and all involved in the schools.
Luttrell spoke on many topics including maintaining community schools through growth, as well as showing appreciation for the teachers that have been through so much the last two years.
“They don’t do it for money, but they need more money,” said Luttrell.
Luttrell encouraged attendees to show their appreciation in any way they can to their teachers, whether it is nice gestures or even treating teachers and staff to food or treats one day. Also, be a voice for them. He said that people are not wanting to go into teaching anymore because of all the challenges, not only in the times of COVID-19, but also all the restrictions and requirements that are placed on them by state laws.
“I’ve seen good teachers walk away from it,” said Luttrell. “Where are we going to be as a society if we don’t let our teachers be teachers.”
Luttrell also talked about keeping the idea of a community school amidst all the growth that Wilson County has seen, with over 19,000 students now. He said the Wilson County Commission has done a great job building great schools the last several years. Luttrell said schools work best when they have a sense of community.
“I’m committed to that,” said Luttrell.