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Masks go back to optional

The Wilson County School Board voted Wednesday to lift the mask mandate and make it optional for all students and staff.
“I can’t justify mandating something when our numbers are so low,” said Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell.
The number of cases among students is down to around five a day for the school system, and the attendance has been roughly 93 percent the last several weeks. The school system’s COVID-19 dashboard stated that there were 27 new student cases during last week, and five staff. All schools that had new cases were between one to three students, except for Wilson Central who had eight in that time frame. Only three schools had new staff cases in that time frame.
Luttrell’s recommendation didn’t include that they were recommending students and staff to wear the face coverings, just that it was optional.
“I want it to be optional and still protect those that want to wear it,” said Luttrell.
The motion passed 5-2 with Bill Robinson and Kimberly McGee voting against it. McGee questioned whether it was even necessary to say optional since technically it always has been for students and staff.