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Mayor delivers State of the City address

Mayor Ed Hagerty

Mayor Ed Hagerty delivered his State of the City address last week, updating Mt. Juliet residents about the City in a presentation called “Remembering our Past, Excited for the Future.”

“We’re living in a really exciting place in an exciting time,” said Hagerty.

Hagerty praised the City’s public works department for the staff’s work in various projects such as the bridge widening over Interstate 40 on Mt. Juliet Road. 

He said the plans for the $5 million project include walking and bike paths as well as allowing more traffic to move through the area. According to Hagerty, Tennessee Department of Transportation will provide $1.5 million for the project, while the City will contribute $2.7 million. 

He also spoke about the City’s priorities as voted by the Board of Commissioners. Besides the I-40 bridge widening, South Mt. Juliet Road will be widened near Providence and there is a plan to create an exit at I-40 and Central Pike.

The Town Center Trail greenway is expected to start in March and should be completed by summer of 2020. The greenway will provide more connectivity throughout the city and will be accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The parking lot at the Mt. Juliet Train Station will also be expanded and a clock tower will be added near the station.

Home values in the area have continue to climb over the years. Hagerty said Wilson County has the second highest home values in Tennessee behind only Williamson County. 

Hagerty also said Mt. Juliet has the third lowest crime rate in the mid-state. Even though the rate has been decreasing, many people seem to think the opposite. He said this is likely because the Mt. Juliet Police Department is transparent in their communication and alerts about crime in the area.

Mt. Juliet has changed much during Hagerty’s time as mayor, and he expects the changes to continue.

“What will Mt. Juliet look like in 10, 20, or even 30 years? There’s no doubt it will be much different than today,” said Hagerty. “My prayer for [Mt. Juliet] this year is simply this: Cherish the past, be excited for our future, be ready for change. Be eager as Mt. Juliet continues to become a true edge city where we can live, work, shop, play and worship right here while enjoying the benefits of living near a major metropolitan area.”

Hagerty concluded his address with a simple statement.

“I wish you well, thank you, God bless, and have a great 2019.”

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