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Megan Hamilton named Stoner Creek Elementary’s Teacher of the Year

This week’s feature for Teacher of the Year is Megan Hamilton. She teaches third grade ELA and Social Studies at Stoner Creek Elementary School.

Originally from Virginia, Hamilton moved to the area for her father’s job and has been here ever since. She attended Middle Tennessee State University where she earned her degree in early childhood education.

Hamilton is in her 21st year of teaching in Wilson County. She originally started at Stoner Creek before working a few years at Rutland and Elzie D. Patton Elementary Schools before coming back.

“It’s my home,” she said. “I started here, planning on ending here.”

Part of what makes Stoner Creek special are the other teachers, who she says are like family.

Hamilton always knew she wanted to work with children. She started babysitting in middle school and would help out with children’s church. She continued working in childcare rooms throughout high school in college.

“I’ve always like the younger kids,” she said. “They love coming to school. They want to learn, they’re eager. And they always want to please their teachers.”

That eagerness to learn is especially shown when her class reads.

“I love it when the kids love to read,” she said. “I like picking books that are going interest them and get them asking questions.”

Hamilton enjoys teaching third grade because it is a pivotal year for her students.

“For a lot of them it’s that ‘make it or break it’ year, so I want it to be a year they all make it,” she said. “I want them to realize that they can learn, they all have potential, and that they’re all loved here.”

She said it’s important for her students to know they are loved, because when they are comfortable at school, they do so much better.

Everyone at Stoner Creek is a team player, working together to better help their students.

“We always have that attitude they’re not our class or our kids, it’s everyone’s kids,” she said. “When everyone is invested, they’re going to succeed.”

Hamilton said she was happy and overwhelmed when she learned her colleagues chose her as Stoner Creek’s teacher of the year.

“You never feel like what you do is that much better than what everyone else does,” she said.

Hamilton said she enjoys teaching at Stoner Creek because it’s “the best.”

“We have amazing administrators, the best teachers, the best teachers’ aides,” she said. “Everybody in this building is here for the kids, and it makes a big difference.”

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