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Members recognized for dedication of ‘Safe Walk To School’ grant approval

Members recognized for dedication of 'Safe Walk To School' grant approval

On Thursday, June 30th, the City of Mt. Juliet announced that it was approved 1.3 million in grants, by state and federal government, for walkways and greenways. Dedicated committee members and city officials have worked very hard and were a huge part in furthering the success of these grants’ approval. One of these approved grants was the “Safe Walk To School” grant, which was approved at $250k. Committee members, who were involved heavily with the ‘Safe Walk To School’ grant, have put in many personal hours and were required to attend an out of town training conference to be certified to even just submit the application for the ‘Safe Route To School’ grant. Those of such dedication are of the following names: (Left To Right) William Anderson, Pam Peery, Art Giles, and Andy Barlow.

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