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MJ grad trying to get movie made

Indie actress and producer Allison Hash Summers (along with her director/producers Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter) is using the online crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise funds for her current project, ‘Gone Doggy Gone.’

Allison Hash Summers is a Mt. Juliet High School graduate, who attended The University of Maryland, College Park, and she currently lives in Los Angeles, Calif. 

‘Gone Doggy Gone’ is about a childless couple who treats their dog like a baby…and then it gets kidnapped. 

Indiegogo allows friends and fans to be a part of the process of filmmaking.  Once a donation has been made, donors will get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes action and decision-making, through video and text updates on the Indiegogo page.  Also, there are incentive’s, a donation at any level gets a reward, including copies of completed films, walk-on roles, and even an Executive Producer credit.  

The way crowdfunding works is the filmmakers have 30 days to raise enough money to reach their goal. If they make their goal in the allotted time, all proceeds will go directly into the production of the film, and donors receive their promised incentives. Summers is excited for the chance to be in contact with the donors, “It’s a great way for an artist to get feedback from their supporters.” She also loves how “it allows for the opportunity to share the craft of filmmaking with my friends and family outside of Los Angeles. The website will be updating donors the entire way, with video blogs and news from pre-production, to on-set, to the post process, they’ll get to really be a part of the experience.”  

Allison Hash Summers is an actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She wrote the series, “The Sticks,” about the small town of Mt. Juliet and a devilish debutante that tries to ruin the lives of the locals.  She stars alongside Ben Garant (Reno 911), Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf), and Crista Flannagan (Mad Men) in this hilarious comedy series. She can also be seen as the loveable crackhead Ash, in  “Hollywood Sex Wars.”   She currently tours the country with her one-woman show ‘Collections’. 

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