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MJ man bringing awareness on teen bullying, depression and suicide

A Mt. Juliet man is working to help bring awareness of teen bullying, depression and suicide.
Brian Earley began Think2Change about 10 years ago as a platform to teach students that their pasts do not define them.
Earley himself had grown up in a broken home and felt the pain of poverty, abuse and the foster care system.
He experienced bullying while in school and at one point considered suicide because he felt life was too hard. It was during this time that one student befriended Earley and introduced him to their family. This family began to love Earley and invest in his life. It was because of this one student that Earley began to learn of his importance, feel acceptance and begin to heal from the pain of his past.
Earley later stepped into ministry as a youth pastor and it was then he realized so many others experience pain similar to his. He began speaking in schools and sharing his story and the hope that with the “Power of one” model, their futures can look different.
The Power of One is a program Earley created to encourage students to reach out to those that may be in the margins, the student that is bullied or that may not seem to fit in with everyone else.
Earley believes it can sometimes be that one relationship that can build a bridge to a better future and change the thoughts of those living in difficult situations.
“I’ve never been to a school where every single student doesn’t stand and admit they know someone in that situation,” said Earley.
Think2Change was awarded a Consumer Science Award in 2014 for bringing change to schools.
The organization has training with their staff and teachers to help identify those that may need support. Earley gives students his email in hopes that they will reach out to him when they are experiencing these hard times so he can connect them with the right help.
“I want students to know that this is one chapter and they are holding the pen. I want to help them see down the road.” Earley hopes that by telling his story, kids will see that things can change.
Think2Change is working to get back in area schools in 2022, after COVID-19, to help students and staff embrace The Power of One and support the awareness of mental health issues in schools.
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