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MJHS to receive 120 bleeding control kits

Mt. Juliet High School’s PTSO voted unanimously for purchase of 120 bleeding control kits at the request of school resource officers. | Photo submitted

At the beginning of the school year, Mt. Juliet High School’s School Resource Officers JP Tuggle and Eric Gray sat down to discuss the school’s preparedness in the event that a critical incident should occur. Throughout the discussion, they quickly realized that in certain aspects such as medical and trauma care, the school could benefit from having bleeding control kits placed in every classroom and high traffic areas around MJHS.

With the direction and help from Sgt. Steve Jones, who was able to accomplish this task while serving as SRO at Carroll-Oakland Elementary, they were able to start the process. MJHS Principal Leigh Anne Rainey quickly supported the idea as the SROs asked for the PTSO’s support for raising the funds for the project. Without hesitation, all members of the PTSO, under the leadership of President Lisa Patterson, agreed to purchase the entire order in full, which is 120 kits for just under $6,000.

“We can’t stress enough how thankful SRO Tuggle and I are for the support of Sheriff Bryan and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, the administration of MJHS, and the parents of the students that attend our school in this endeavor,” said SRO Gray. “With these kits, we can say that in the event of a critical incident at this school, we are prepared.”

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