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Mock crash shows danger of distracted driving

First responders assist a student who portrayed a victim during a simulated car crash at Mt. Juliet High School April 26.

A reality-based portrayal of a car crash and the subsequent response by first responders, emergency medical staff, and law enforcement was held Friday at Mt. Juliet High School.

A joint effort with the school’s health science classes and Mt. Juliet Police Department brought the dangers of distracted driving to reality, just a day before the school’s prom on Saturday. Students from an EMS class participated in the exercise, portraying the victims of the simulated deadly crash.

The purpose of this exercise was to impress upon students the severe consequences of driving while distracted. The students received firsthand experience of exactly what they could be responsible for, including killing someone, possibly one of their friends, as well as being arrested for crimes as serious as vehicular homicide.

The mock crash was also a reminder for parents and guardians to talk to their teens about the consequences of bad driving behavior.

The crash took place on Golden Bear Gateway, briefly shutting down the stretch of road in front of the school, allowing access only for emergency vehicles to pass during the simulated response.

Agencies that participated in the event include the Mt. Juliet Police Department, Fire Department of Mt. Juliet, Wilson County Emergency Management Agency, and Vanderbilt Lifeflight.

Hamblen’s Wrecker Service of Mt. Juliet provided the crashed vehicles for the exercise.

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