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Mock crash shows MJHS students dangers of driving

Students participated in the mock crash, acting as victims of a disastrous car accident.

A mock crash was held Thursday, April 19, outside of Mt. Juliet High School. The realistic portrayal demonstrated the work of local law enforcement, first responders and emergency medical personnel.

The Mt. Juliet Police Department partnered with MJHS’s health science classes to show students the dangers of distracted driving. The demonstration took place two days before the school’s prom on Saturday.

“Do not let the best night of your life be the last night of your life,” said Fire Chief Jamie Luffman.

Students covered in fake injuries posed in wrecked cars to show the aftermath of a disastrous car accident. Another person acted as a family member of one the “victims,” showing the damage that occurs when family loses a loved one.

According to officials, this is the 24th year a mock crash has been presented to students to show the serious consequences that result from distracted driving.

The students receive firsthand experience of exactly what they could be responsible for, including killing a stranger or a friend and being arrested for crimes such as vehicular homicide, according to MJPD.

Police also said the crash serves as a reminder for parents to talk to their children about responsible driving and the consequences of bad driving behavior.

Along with MJPD, the Fire Department, Wilson County Emergency Management Agency, and Vanderbilt Lifeflight all participated in the demonstration.

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