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Moms and Dads

Have you ever wondered why we kids have so many different names for our Moms and Dads? We use names like mom, mommy, moms, mother, dad, daddy, dadio, pops, pappy, old man, father and so on.

What we should call our parents are brilliant, smart, loving, caring, giving, dedicated and awesome parents. I can remember many a time when I thought my mom and dad had special powers. I often thought my dad was Colombo and mom was Angie Dickinson, better known as Police Woman. It seemed no matter what I did, they knew about it. At the time I didn’t like it one bit. I couldn’t get away with anything and eventually was too scared to try anything daring or rebellious for fear of being caught and prosecuted to the fullest degree by mom and dad. Miraculously, everything they said would happen happened. It was like they had a crystal ball and could predict the future and my actions, both good and bad, but especially bad.

The question I have is why does it take so long for us kids to realize just how special and wise our parents are? Why do we think we know more than they do at times, especially, when we’re young? I know it’s a little thing called lack of knowledge, experience or is it ignorance and hardheadedness?

Looking back over the years and many things my parents have done for me is downright amazing. I can remember my mom working back to back shifts just to make ends meet, preparing meals when she was so sick she could barely stand and sacrifi cing time and time again for her children. Just take a moment to think of all the special things and sacrifi ces your parents have made for you. If it doesn’t put a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes, then you have yet to realize just how special your parents are. Right this very moment a very dedicated father is on his way to a second job, going straight from one job to the other without so much as a moments rest, all for the sake of his children. These are all examples of true love and dedication from parents to their children.

This is my way of saying to all parents, thanks for being there for your children. It is indeed hard work that goes without much fanfare or recognition, but we know that you don’t do it for gratifi cation, fanfare or recognition; you do it for the love of your children. And lucky for us kids you don’t expect much in return, because what we lacked in brains as kids, we now lack in money. Ha! Ha! Does that ring any familiar bells? Same verse, same old song and dance.

Anyway, parents are great and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that even though we didn’t always show it as kids, we without a doubt love our moms and dads. Thanks for giving your blood, sweat and tears so that we could have the lives we have. Thank God for Moms and Dads!

Kenny Martin, Interim City Manager

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