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Mt. Juliet 8-year-old to compete in Arenacross competition at Bridgestone Arena

Mt. Juliet 8-year-old to compete in Arenacross competition at Bridgestone Arena

Mt. Juliet 8-year-old to compete in Arenacross competition at Bridgestone Arena

Mt. Juliet native Hayden Davey will compete in the most intense motocross racing competition on the planet, Jan. 28 & 29, at Bridgestone Arena.

At only 8-years-old, he will battle other riders in a high-speed, high flying fierce racing competition as a part of the 2017 AMSOIL ArenaCross season.


Davey was asked some questions about himself in which he answered.


What are some of your interests/hobbies/favorite pastimes?

Riding dirtbikes, swimming, riding bicycles.


Who are your role models?

Ronnie Mac , Ryan Dungy, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana.


Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Bounce on my seat and smack my hands together.


What is your favorite memory on or off the race track?

Riding in the KTM challenge, Monster Energy Supercross and meeting all the top riders there.


What is your favorite city to travel to and why?

Loretta Lynn’s Hurricane Mills Tennessee, and watch the races.


Which Arenacross event would you consider your hometown race?



Motocross, More Intense

Tell us about your first AMSOIL Arenacross experience?  

Two years ago in Nashville was my first year racing. I had a blast!


What first attracted you to the sport of motocross?

My Dad and watching it on TV.


What’s it like racing in front of thousands fans in an arena environment?

Intense feeling, but it all goes away when I line up on the gate.


For those outside the sport, how would you describe AMSOIL Arenacross?

Tight bar to bar, never give an inch racing.


What is your favorite venue to compete in?

Loretta Lynn’s.


What is your favorite track?

Fast Farms.


Building Tomorrow’s Champions

How did you get started competing in motocross?

My Dad tricked me to go watch and brought my bike. He signed me up to ride instead of just watching!  I was 4 years old.


What advice would you give to kids who want to enter the sport?

Step away from the video games and have some real fun.


What is your favorite part about competing in motocross?



What is your greatest memory as an AMSOIL Arenacross rider?

The first time lining up and seeing the crowd.


What drives you?  

I want to be the best and win.


What type of training regimen do you follow?

Practice, practice


Inside the AX Fan Experience

What can fans expect when they come to an AMSOIL Arenacross event?

Close exciting racing.


Why do you think motocross is such an attractive event for the entire family?  

Takes the whole family to make it work, everybody has a job and is rewarded with good finishes [at the race].


What is your favorite part of an AMSOIL Arenacross day?

Lining up at the gate.


It all started on a mini…

How did you first learn to ride?

I was 4 years old.


What was your first motorcycle?

Yamaha pw50


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