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Mt. Juliet auto body repair shop gives back to local community

Mt. Juliet auto body repair shop gives back to local community

Mt. Juliet auto body repair shop gives back to local community

A+ Automotive Repair has been on the road of giving back to its community over the past years by helping those in need that have been nominated by friends and family.

Owner of A+ Automotive Repair, Jonathan Schmitt, is the mastermind behind the idea of helping those in need in the community through his business.

The shop recently held its re-grand opening at their new location on Saturday, September 11th.

Schmitt and his staff repair donated vehicles at their new shop on Lebanon Road in Mt. Juliet in order to donate these kind gifted gestures to others in need. The business receives most cars off of impound and donates the parts for use.

The shop’s dedicated mechanics donate their time in order to get these vehicles up and running for these nominated families. The mechanics work outside of work hours in order to fulfill these missions of hope for these members of the community in need.

The local auto business has given away a car every year in order to get families back on their feet during tough times.

This year though, the shop has received over 3,000 nomination requests for members of the local community in need, inspiring Schmitt’s want to increase the program for his community.

Owner Jonathan Schmitt stated, “We don’t look at it as a hand out we look at it as a hand up, trying to get a family back on their feet.”

“I want to thank my staff team for all that they do. I couldn’t do all of this without their help, dedication, and hard work,” said Schmitt.

The A+ team recently collected items donated from the community for families in need who were impacted by the recent floods in Louisiana. Schmitt stored these donated items at his shop and assisted with the transportation of these items out of state in a large truck.

Schmitt continues to want to give back to the community. He has even discussed teaching basic mechanical skills classes to those interested in the community of Mt. Juliet.

11 vehicles have been the project in progress lately for mechanics at the shop.

+ Automotive Repair plans to give away more vehicles in the upcoming weeks to nominated families in need.

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