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Mt. Juliet celebrates its 40th

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Mt. Juliet celebrated its 40th anniversary Monday night at the Board of Commissioners meeting, and honored the city’s first mayor, N.C. Hibbett. 

It was revealed that the Mt. Juliet train station will now be known the N.C. Hibbett Train Station. Hibbett was mayor from 1973-1975 after the city incorporated in 1972. 

“Railroads were a big part of my life,” said Hibbett. “I love to hear that whistle blow.”

Hibbett said that he has always been a train enthusiast, so the honor meant a lot to him. He said that he has a train set in his basement, complete with how Mt. Juliet looked when he was child. 

“The only rule is to not run it after 8 o’clock, because Jenny Bess (his spouse) is in bed,” joked Hibbett. 

Several people spoke before the unveiling of the new sign, including Mayor Ed Hagerty, all the commissioners, State Senator Mae Beavers and State Representative Linda Elam. Commissioner Ted Floyd said that he pulled Hibbett over twice while with the Mt. Juliet Police Department because he thought he was intoxicated. Come to find out, Hibbett was just eating his daily ice cream. Many talked about his family and how important they have been to the city of Mt. Juliet. Jenny Bess Hibbett was the fourth Mayor of the city. 

“You are the first family of Mt. Juliet,” said Beavers. 

When asked if he would like to say a few words, Hibbett joked that he had a 45-minute speech prepared. After speaking of his love for the railroads, Hibbett wondered at how Mt. Juliet had grown. 

“I dreamed of some of the things that are going on now when I was mayor,” said Hibbett. 


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