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Mt. Juliet city commission approves Bradshaw Farms development

The Bradshaw Farms development was unanimously approved by the Mt. Juliet city commission at a meeting Monday night. It initially passed first reading at the Nov. 25, 2019, meeting.

Goodall Homes, developer of Bradshaw Farms, proposed developing 561 residential units on 193 acres of land in Mt. Juliet, located off Beckwith Road and behind the Jackson Hills neighborhood. Of the 561 units, 263 will be age-restricted to 55 and older. The remaining 298 units would be single-family.

Approximately 75.5 acres of the project will be reserved for open space, including preservation of wildflower wetlands.

Primary access to Bradshaw Farms would be through new connections, one at Vanner Road in Jackson Hills and the other at Beckwith Road, drawing concerns from many residents of the area.

Jackson Hills residents worry the connection to Vanner Road will bring increased traffic to an area that already has issues with drivers speeding. Many in attendance asked the city to have the developer impose traffic calming measures throughout Jackson Hills to help ease their concerns.

The board voted to approve traffic calming measures in Jackson Hills as warranted. This could include raised crosswalks by the amenity center, along Vanner Road and in other areas that have the need in an attempt to have drivers slow down in the neighborhood.

Beckwith residents worry about the increase of traffic on a narrow road. Two people at Monday’s meeting voiced concern about visibility at the entrance to Bradshaw Farms, saying there is a blind spot that could create opportunities for traffic accidents.

Commissioners Ray Justice and Jennifer Milele voiced their concerns about southbound traffic on Beckwith out of Bradshaw Farms. As it is a county road, the board is limited in what measures they can take. They voted 4-1 to approve that the city engineer works with the county to help discourage southbound traffic out of the neighborhood.

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