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Mt. Juliet City Commission discusses tax, fireworks

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners voted to defer an ordinance to adopt the annual budget, which includes the property tax rate.

Before the ordinance was deferred, District 1 Commissioner Ray Justice proposed an amendment to leave the property tax rate as it is currently at 16 cents per $100 of assessed value.

The amendment, which does not affect the deferral, was approved 3-1-1. District 4 Commissioner Brian Abstain abstained from voting on any new item which would affect the city’s budget since he is resigning effective May 24 and would not be a city official at the second reading.

A resolution to increase the property tax was removed from the agenda by the sponsors, Justice and Vice Mayor James Maness.

The commission also unanimously approved a resolution to approve an agreement with Impact Pyro to hold a Fourth of July fireworks show at the Mt. Juliet Little League Park.

Justice said there will adequate traffic and fire safety plans in place for the new location. City Manager Kenny Martin also said working with the Little League has been great and that, though Providence has more parking, the north end of the city still has many places to park.

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