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Mt. Juliet city planner resigns over claims of dysfunction

Mt. Juliet’s new city planner resigned last month after just two weeks on the job.

Donald Anthony began his new job in Mt. Juliet on June 11. During that time, he attended two city meetings in his official capacity as city planner and which he alluded to in his resignation email to city officials. The meetings, he said, made it clear to him that he would not be a good fit with the City of Mt. Juliet. He informed city officials of his resignation on June 27 and sent his official resignation letter June 25.

“The Planning Commission meeting, in particular, demonstrated a level of dysfunction that I am simply not equipped to fix or handle,” Anthony said in an email to City Manager Kenny Martin. “I know my limitations and I know that I cannot force a decision-making body to change bad (and potentially illegal) habits that should have been corrected years ago.”

Mt. Juliet Mayor Ed Hagerty disputed Anthony’s claims of dysfunction in the city’s government.

“These are baseless and unsubstantiated claims,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty. “Our city attorney reached out to Mr. Anthony for specifics which Mr. Anthony declined to provide. Anyone who would commit to a job, work there two weeks, then throw a hand grenade on his way out … I’m glad he’s gone.”

Martin said that he has no doubt that the city has and always will function ethically and efficiently.

“Quite honestly I think our many successes as a city speak volumes about our great city, our elected body, staff and our citizens,” said Martin. “We have a fabulous city built upon safety, quality of life, faith, low taxes, precious memories and fun.”

Despite Anthony’s allegations, Martin said the city wishes nothing but the very best in his future endeavors.

“We are currently advertising for a city planner and have a long list of very talented and skilled candidates,” said Martin.

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