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Mt. Juliet cougar sighting investigated by TWRA

Mt. Juliet cougar sighting investigated by TWRA

Mt. Juliet cougar sighting investigated by TWRA

Local Tennessee Wildlife Manager, Dr. Russ Skoglund of Lebanon, was the expert who answered the call regarding the possible cougar sighting in Mt. Juliet recently.

Skoglund investigated the Mt. Juliet sighting and reviewed the photo that Mt. Juliet resident Wendy House had taken from her cell phone in her back yard. Although the picture was of slightly poor quality, the TWRA manager highly doubts it was a cougar due to markings.

“Cougars are native to Tennessee, they’ve just been extirpated for quite some time,” said TWRA wildlife manager Skoglund. “Nothing is impossible or out of the question though.”

Wendy House was inside cooking Christmas cookies with her children when she called onto her husband to come view the shocking sight. House is still convinced it was a cougar that she saw.

Some claim that they do not doubt that it was definitely a larger cat. It has not been ruled out as a possible bobcat sighting since they are common in the area and have been seen in Mt. Juliet over the years. Some of the community’s landmark schools’ mascots were picked after the known bobcat, such as Stoner Creek Elementary school with their bobcat mascot.

Although the case has not been confirmed, there are dozens of documented cases of cougar sightings in the Middle Tennessee region since 2015 which leaves the sighting a slight possibility.

Sightings from cameras in Obion County, a hair sample in Carroll County, and sightings in Humphreys County are recorded reports on the website.

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