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Mt. Juliet Library opens new addition

Mt. Juliet Library opens new addition

Mt. Juliet Library opens new addition

The $2,500,000 addition of the Mt. Juliet Library has become a reality.  In excess of 150 people gathered for the ribbon cutting last Wednesday.

“We are really excited about this, said Tracy Horvath, Mt. Juliet Library Director. “It is such a privilege to have a new library and we want the community to know that this is for them.  This is a place where they should feel welcome, safe, and comfortable.  We hope that everyone will visit us soon and often.”

“The children’s area has an elevated stage and puppet theater. There is a meeting room which will hold 250 people. The library now has private study rooms, more program space and is child friendly. The building is handicap accessible and has additional parking,” said Sam Anderson, architect for the project.

Wilson County Mayor, Randall Hutto, welcomed the crowd with opening remarks of recognition for a job well done. He recognized and thanked architect Sam Anderson, Rob Porter with Civil Site Design,  Steve Robinson and Scott Plummer with Phoenix Builders.

“Today would not be happening without the Wilson County Library Board,” stated Hutto. “They are the people with the vision and they keep everything going.” He recognized Board members Bettye Stone, Diane Weathers, Connie Wright, William Taylor, Carolyn Miller, Chris Crowell and Chairman Jim Mills.

Hutto also thanked the County Commission for approving funding for the library project as well as the City of Mt. Juliet for appropriating funds to the new addition. He continued by thanking the neighbors next door to the library. “Mrs. Jennie Bess Hibbett loves the library with all of her heart. She is an example of a true neighbor and she even offered part of her land. Mr. Bob Callis granted an easement for the library.”

Tracy Horvath recognized and thanked the library staff and volunteers as well as retired Director Nancy Armstrong and Regional Board members Betty Jo Dedman and Peggy Simpson.

Jacob Armstrong, Providence Church, offered the invocation.

The history of the library, which began in 1976, was reflected on by Board member Carolyn Miller.

“Thank you. We finally got it! We want to thank everyone who had any part in helping with the library,” said Betty Stone, Board member.

“We have the best library in the County and the most people in the County,” said Diane Weathers, County Commissioner & Library Board member. “We have been working on this for ten years. Numbers prove how much our library is used. The April report states 388 new cards were issued in the Mt. Juliet library.”

Weathers continued.” The library does so much more than books for children. It reaches all ages with health screenings, job placement and income tax help. Our library has reinvented itself so that you get the biggest bang for the buck. We are so proud of what we do.”

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  1. Typos often create funny results. The article said, “The history of the library, which began in 1976, was recanted by Board member Carolyn Miller.”

    I don’t know why she should take back (recant) the history. It would be better to “recount” the history so people who have not heard it before could hear it.


    • Ken,
      Thanks for the comment! Kind of made me chuckle as well. I guess we are all human after all and often make for good laughs when typos occur. Thanks for letting us know and reading our posts and newspaper!

      • Thanks for taking the comment in good humor. When I first saw the word “recanted” I could not figure what the intended word was. I know our area will be blessed by the improved facility.

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