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Mt. Juliet mother appears on ‘Today Show’

Full-time blogger at and mother of seven children, Rachel Marie Martin knows what it’s like to lose yourself in the daily demands of life and motherhood. In her new book “The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again” (WaterBrook, Oct. 9, 2018), she presents an irresistible invitation to mothers in the trenches to be real about their struggles and rediscover their true selves, dreams and unique callings — because when mothers are their best selves, their families thrive.

Martin appeared on the Nov. 9 episode of “Today Show” to talk about her rise from despair to joy.

“The Brave Art of Motherhood” was born out of Martin’s passion for helping mothers ignite the fire of urgency in their lives. She champions them to believe they are worth a life vibrantly alive and that their freedom and bravery come when they step into the truth of who they are and what they are facing.

Having gone from pulling herself out of poverty as a single mother of seven to being named one of Inc. magazine’s top 40 entrepreneurs, Martin’s voice couldn’t be more fitting for this message.

In the book, she shares her own story of bankruptcy, divorce and myriad other personal struggles. She vulnerably tells of the times when the IRS came knocking on her door, her vehicle was repossessed, with no job in site — and how she struggled to be real and transparent with others about her life behind the scenes.

She interweaves her personal journey of coming out on the other side of these events with practical steps mothers can take to come out on the other side of their own struggles and become their best selves:

  • Acknowledge where you are stuck: Am I hiding behind my fear and using a “mask” to create an illusion of perfection?
  • Expose the excuses in your life: Such as mom guilt, pride, worry and procrastination
  • Build a new reality for yourself: Goal setting, improving communication and intentionally looking for joy and optimism

“If you want to experience joy, then it will require something from you,” writes Martin. “Change isn’t easy. But I know that if you can see the before me, the me who tried to be good enough, the me who was stuck, you can understand the necessity of change and getting your life back to who God created you to be.”

With millions of blog readers, nearly 250,000 social media followers, and appearances in The Huffington Post, PopSugar, Scary Mommy and more, Martin has empowered millions of disheartened moms and has come alongside them as a friend for the journey.

Rachel Marie Martin, having pulled herself up from poverty to being named one of Inc. magazine’s top 40 entrepreneurs, has been writing Finding Joy full time for several years and writing online for more than a decade. She has always had a passion for a daring, adventure-filled life and is often requested to speak and motivate others with her vivacious energy and deep belief that life is a gift.

Martin is also a partner in Blogging Concentrated, the world’s largest training and development company for bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs. She travels worldwide teaching marketing, voice, messaging, social media strategy and more.

Martin is a single mom of seven and resides in Mt. Juliet.

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