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Mt. Juliet Planning Commission agenda reveals new development plans

Mt. Juliet Planning Commission agenda reveals new development plans

Planning Commission agenda reveals new development plans


The Planning Commission met last Thursday evening and revealed a few new additions and developments that are underway in the Mt. Juliet community. Commissioners reviewed and approved the site plan for the future location of the Care Now Clinic and Zaxby’s in North Mt. Juliet.

Civil Site Design Group requested a site plan approval on behalf of their client, Care Now Clinic, for an approximate 5,705 square foot medical clinic on a 1 acre lot.

The lot Care Now Clinic is set to be developed on is currently vacant and has never developed. It is Lot 3 of Batson Development, located at 4165 N. Mt. Juliet Road, where current ground construction has begun across from the Kroger shopping center on North Mt. Juliet Road.

The site plan for a new Zaxby’s location in North Mt. Juliet was also reviewed by the board and unanimously approved by Commissioners, after much consideration and study regarding the safety concerns of the drive-thru crossing area.

Zaxby’s representatives presented to the board layouts of the site plan that is to be located at 4001 N. Mt. Juliet Road.

CSR Engineering requested the site approval by the City of Mt. Juliet planning department for the proposed 3,900 square foot restaurant, which will sit on approximately 1.10 acres.

Commissioner Turner’s concern regarding the drive-thru crossing area of the restaurant was a main topic concern of the agenda item.

“We need to take into consideration the cross-walk that is currently planned through the drive-thru area.  It is a safety concern. We have had situations before with restaurant developers that have put the city at risk with such certain scenarios,” said Turner.

The Commission discussed for over an hour with Zaxby’s representatives, the possible changes or additions that could be made in order for the site plan to be approved.

After much discussion and review, a vote was approved by the Commission in agreement that a safety hand rail be installed. The rail will run from the building wall, next to the drive-thru customer entrance/exit, and will extend out to a point of safe crossing area.

Zaxby’s representatives will resume the site plan project until further approval by the Commission is required upon a future meeting date. The future restaurant is planned to house a 70 person seating capacity.

The final agenda item of the meeting was the reviewing of the new Beckwith North development site plan.

The site is located near and west of Eastgate Boulevard and would have direct access from this street via a new internal road that is planned to be built along with the development process. The site will be located along the future south portion of the Eastern Connector near the vicinity of Golden Bear Gateway and Northeast of Hunting Hills Drive.

The proposed project is a single building with dimensions of about 600,000 square feet.

Commissioners listened to concerns of residents of the Hunting Hills Drive area that will be affected by the project.

Residents approached the microphone podium stating the same concern of a barrier that was previously agreed on to be constructed, but no sign of development yet.

According to representatives over the project, there will be an appropriate barrier constructed which has been discussed and agreed on by neighboring residents of the site. The barrier will consist of trees and bushes along the property line to insure a decorative property outline.

The agenda topic was deferred until November’s planning commission meeting. A final decision is planned to be made and voted on in December.


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