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Mt. Juliet Planning Commission defers Belinda City vote

The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission met Thursday night in its monthly meeting to discuss and vote on developments around the city. Many Belinda City residents attended the meeting to voice their concerns over two items on the agenda that would affect Belinda Parkway.

Beckwith Point is a proposed multi-use development on 75.73 acres along Belinda Parkway and Interstate 40 with more than 300,000 square feet of commercial buildings on 35 acres and 200 residential units on 40.64 acres.

The property is currently zoned as industrial restrictive, which includes manufacturing general, essential public transport,  self-service storage, warehousing goods and more. The property is currently vacant.

A land use plan amendment and the preliminary master development plan for Beckwith Point, located on Belinda Parkway, were scheduled for discussion. However, most of the comments came from Belinda City residents.

Many comments focused on how the normally quiet neighborhood will see an increase in traffic as well as noise from I-40. Others were worried that the increased traffic could be dangerous for children who play or ride bicycles along the road.

Another resident said that though she welcomes controlled growth, the city’s current rate of growth is too much.

The items were deferred one meeting in order to schedule a town hall meeting for area residents to learn more about the project.

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