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Mt. Juliet Police focus on school traffic safety

Mt. Juliet officers are prepared as Wilson County School students head back to school this week, and the department’s traffic safety focus in school zones has begun.

Every school year, extra attention is provided by officers in school zones and bus stop locations to ensure everyone is operating their vehicle safely. This attention will continue throughout the school year. In addition to the reduced speed limits in school zones, officers will focus on handheld phone use, school bus stop-arm, seat belt, and child passenger safety laws.

“The Mt. Juliet community will experience a different dynamic we are not familiar with,” said Chief James Hambrick. “Mt. Juliet Middle School will support students from the tornado-destroyed Stoner Creek Elementary and West Wilson Middle School. Also, Green Hill High School is brand new, and that school will be accommodating additional students until both destroyed schools are rebuilt. Members of the Command Staff will be monitoring the different dynamics, and we are prepared to adjust resources and plans to accommodate the change. I ask that our community members familiarize themselves with the change, so we can ensure our new school zones are safe.”

Last week, Chief Hambrick, along with fellow staff members, reviewed and toured Green Hill High School with Principal Kevin Dawson and Wilson County School’s Safety Director Steve Spencer. The school zone for the new high school was also reviewed. In addition to the department’s strong relationship with school leadership, the department continues to maintain an open line of communication with crossing guards so they can easily report unsafe drivers or any other safety issues within the city limits.

Along with unmarked traffic officers being deployed to school zones, digital radar speed signs will be placed to raise awareness. Mt. Juliet Police have four digital speed signs that display the speed of cars and visually warn drivers if they drive above the speed limit.

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