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Mt. Juliet restricts access to city facilities

Cities around the country, as well as internationally, have been reeling from the affects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Locally, the City of Mt. Juliet has begun restricting access to its facilities, Wilson County Schools will be closed for the duration of March, and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has declared a state of emergency.

The action to declare a state of emergency will move the state into position to “utilize additional emergency funds as needed and relax provisions of certain laws to provide the flexibility needed to respond to this disease,” said Gov. Lee.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure and could include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Vulnerable populations should stay home where possible and avoid large gatherings or locations where they are more likely to contact the virus. Vulnerable populations include older adults and adults with underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory illness. Non-essential visits to nursing homes and hospitals are strongly discouraged.

Gov. Lee advised school districts across the state to close as practically as possible and remain closed through March 31, which Wilson County Schools said they would comply with.

Beginning Monday, the City of Mt. Juliet has started restricting access to its facilities, including all city buildings, in an effort to take precautionary measures in the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak and spread.

The City recognizes that the impact of a potential outbreak may affect City operations in a variety of ways. To ensure continuity of government, as well as its commitment to public safety, the City will remain steadfast — as always — in serving its citizens, carrying out critical functions and prioritizing support functions, but will ask residents to conduct all City business electronically or by phone, if possible, during the next two weeks.

City Hall will remain open for city personnel but residents with required business should call the City of Mt. Juliet at 615-754-2552 to determine how to best handle specific processes. As always, the City of Mt. Juliet has a drop box in front of City Hall and items that fit inside the box can be dropped there. 

The City will also be available to the public via email.  Departmental phone numbers and emails are provided below. This line will not be open for COVID-19-related questions or dissemination.

“[On Monday], the city leadership team made the decision to limit access to all city facilities to appointment only to limit exposure,” said Mt. Juliet City Manager Kenny Martin. “All city services are available online, and limited in-person meeting requests will be available upon request. Any in-person meetings will be held with social distancing any public safety protocols in place to make sure our citizens and employees are kept safe. We will monitor going forward for any needed adjustments and will strive to provide the very best customer service. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must put human health, safety and welfare first. That is and will always be our number one priority.”

As necessary, due to bid openings and plan submittal deadlines, contact a department representative for information on those processes. The City of Mt. Juliet requests that if a person is running a fever that another representative from the company be sent to the meeting. 

The City of Mt. Juliet will be monitoring the situation daily during this two-week window and will assess and re-evaluate restrictions beyond Monday, March 30. All necessary updates until that time will be communicated on the City website,, and social media portals.

The City also recognizes its special duty to assist the public. During a community emergency, City employees’ responsibility to serve, maintain vital services and take protective measures for the community and themselves is critical and will continue during this time.

The City of Mt. Juliet asks that citizens contact them with concerns on the new procedures to help maintain the health and safety of the community. Remember to wash your hands and maintain the CDC recommendation of a safe distance of six feet.

“Our intent as the City of Mt. Juliet is to assist, protect and keep the public informed, while emphasizing the seriousness of the COVID-19 threat,” said City officials.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Police Department, contact 615-754-2550 or go to or dial 911 if an emergency

For any questions or concerns regarding Animal Control, contact 615-773-5533 or

For any questions or concerns regarding the Fire Department, contact 615-773-9830 or if an emergency dial 911.

In addition, all events scheduled at the Parks and Recreation Department have been cancelled. The staff will be contacting you concerning refund of deposits, or feel free to contact them at 615-758-6522 or 615-754-222 ext. 6, or email , or

For any questions or concerns regarding the issues of Building Permits/remodeling of homes/re-building of tornado damaged structures, etc., contact the Building Department at 615-773-6225 or 615-754-2552 ext. 5, or email,,,,

For any questions or concerns regarding the Planning and Zoning Department, contact the them at 615-773-6283 or 615-754-2552 ext. 8, or email,,

For any questions or concerns regarding Sewer Hook Ups, Sewer Payments, etc., contact  615-754-2554 or 615-754-2552 ext. 4, or email,,

For any questions or concerns regarding General City Information, Liquor licenses, Beer Permits, Violations of the Alcoholic Beverage laws, contact 615-754-2552 ext. 0, or email

For any questions or concerns regarding Property tax or Business Tax, contact 615-754-2552 ext. 4 or

For questions concerning payment of invoices, contact 615-754-2552 ext. 0 and ask for Renee Basham or

For any questions or concerns regarding the Public Works Department, contact 615-773-7957 or 615-754-2550 ext. 7, or email ,, or

To contact any department or employee of the City of Mt. Juliet, call 615-754-2552 ext. 0, or feel free to check the City of Mt. Juliet website at

Local businesses are encouraged to develop and implement measures that are appropriate for their staff and work space.

In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the City of Mt. Juliet will continue its commitment to thorough sanitation and cleanliness throughout all offices and facilities and asks the public to remain diligent in handwashing and limiting physical contact.

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