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Multiple indictments served in local round-up

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and the Lebanon Police Department worked together Friday after months of investigation that led to the arrests of multiple residents after indictments were handed down on various drug and weapon violations.

Many of the violations were predominately the sale or use of pharmaceutical opioids, heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. There were also a number of arrests for the sell of scheduled drugs in a school zone.

Drug addiction has led to overdoses throughout the county and authorities are working jointly to hold drug dealers accountable and get drugs off the street.

“After a lengthy investigation, we were able to serve 21 indictments [Friday] morning on a variety of drug and weapon offenses that included numerous charges for the sell of scheduled drugs in school zones,” stated Sheriff Robert Bryan. “We will continue to pursue these drug dealers and work with local agencies to hold these violators accountable.”

Chief Mike Justice added that “the hard work and effort of the narcotics agents and the daily working relationship with the Sheriff’s Office makes our streets safer and adds a level of information sharing that is invaluable.”

Indictments that were served Friday morning included the following people that were taken into custody: James Z. York, Nick Pajan, Deisah R. Andrews, Courtney N. Caldwell, Marki D. Bettencourt, Nicholas V. Raines, Isiah C. Manier, Jalonzo J. Bishop, Ali D. Talley, James C. Roach, Roderick F. Brooks, Michael D. Bagley, Austin M. Boyer, Ann C. Owens, John W. Owens, Matthew W. Bogle, Jacquise M. Bingham, Stephen J. Garland, Kisha A. Keeton, Schasta T. Rodgers and Jordan D. Stanton.


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