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Murder of 14-year-old in Hermitage

HERMITAGE – According to police reports, 33-year-old David Matheny beat his 14-year-old brother with Asperger’s Syndrome to death while their mother watched and didn’t intervene.

The mother of both boys, 52-year-old Rebecca Greenwood, called the police on Friday to report the death of her 14-year-old son, Sayeed Neilson. According to both the mother and her other son, David Matheny, Sayeed had fallen in the shower the previous night and hit his head, but seemed alright afterwards. They assisted him into bed before going to a local bar to drink. Upon returning, they supposedly found Sayeed dead in his bed. Greenwood insists that she had checked on Sayeed multiple times before leaving to ensure he was fine.

The following morning, according to the family, they cleaned the house and shopped for groceries before checking up on Sayeed, who they found dead in his bed.

Detectives examined Sayeed’s body and denied that his injuries could have occurred in the fashion claimed by the family. Greenwood and Matheny were taken to police headquarters. Greenwood’s story changed at the headquarters; she instead claimed that she saw Matheny punch and kick Sayeed in the head. She claims to have told her oldest son to stop, but simply walked away after doing so.

Matheny admitted to fighting with his brother, but claimed he didn’t inflict any serious injury.

The neighbors are ready to believe Greenwood’s second version of events more than her first. One individual, Kevin Davis, claims he’s seen Matheny kick the family dog once before. Sayeed told him to stop, and Matheny began kicking Sayeed instead.

Greenwood’s sister, Rachel Duncan, says she practically raised Sayeed due to her sister’s mental issues. She is horrified that Greenwood would let something like this happen. She remembers Sayeed fondly as a sweet boy who loved Star Wars and sharks.

Greenwood and Matheny have been taken into police custody and are both being charged with criminal homicide, aggravated child abuse, and evidence tampering. They are being held without bond.

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