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New Director at Life Recovery

Sometimes things just work out for the best.
That is definitely the case for James Parenteau, the new Director at Life Recovery in Mt. Juliet.
Before and during the pandemic, Parenteau was living in Los Angeles, Calif. He had moved there years earlier with his employer Cathay Pacific, an airline based out of Hong Kong. He ended up meeting his wife there, where they had two children to add to the daughter she had from a previous marriage. While working, he would be in the cockpit for flights from L.A. to Hong Kong.
But things started to turn for him just before the pandemic. They lived in a nice neighborhood, but a truck was stolen right in front of his house one night. Then he had some other items stolen out of storage. Then some of his neighbors had items stolen. He didn’t want to raise his family there.
“I was like oh man, we got to get out of here,” said Parenteau. “It just kept getting worse and worse and worse.”
His wife’s first reaction to moving was absolutely not. But over time, she saw that it would be a good opportunity for them. They looked in Texas and Idaho, and eventually Knoxville. They couldn’t find the right place, but they liked Tennessee. Knoxville didn’t have a direct flight to Los Angeles for when he needed to work, but Nashville did. They looked around the middle Tennessee area and eventually landed in Mt. Juliet.
“I fell in love with it,” said Parenteau. Parenteau said you don’t get to meet your neighbors before you move in, but he lucked out because everyone has been amazing. He found a church, and that is where he learned about Life Recovery, a non-profit organization run by Bill and Dean Jackson that is a Biblical approach to those fighting addiction. Parenteau was 11 years sober, and wanted to see if he could help. After talking with the Jacksons, Parenteau was asked to come on as the Director.
Parenteau learned about the Jacksons approach, which is a Christ-centered 12 steps program. Parenteau had worked the traditional 12 steps, and liked the method which he said “taken the 12 steps and removed the ambiguity around God.”
Parenteau has now started meetings based on this method, which started at Life Recovery May 24. Meetings are five days a week, and have a different focus each day. Monday is Bible Study, followed by Newcomers Tuesday, then Open Discussion Wednesday, Book Study Thursday and Life Recovery 11th Step Friday. All meetings are at 7 p.m.
Parenteau believes it is important to have many meetings because people battling addiction need “constant reminders” through recovery. He hopes these meetings will help Life Recovery grow until they can eventually realize the Jackson’s dream of opening up their own facility, which would include in-patient programs.
For more information on Life Recovery, you can visit, email or call it (615)754-7111.