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New owners take over Zone Conditioning

Much like other businesses, the pandemic hit Zone Conditioning pretty hard.
So when there was a chance that the studio would close, new owners Kathleen and Mike Drake stepped up to save a studio that has meant so much to a lot of people.
“We didn’t want to lose the community,” said Kathleen. “We purchased this on the leap of faith.”
The studio meant a lot to them, and the people that attend their many classes. Kathleen has been an instructor there, and the studio helped Mike lose 90 pounds.
“It has changed our life more than people realize,” said Kathleen.
Zone Conditioning is known by many for its cycling classes, but it Is so much more. You can gain muscle with strength classes or take it to the next level with a personal trainer. You can also join classes like TRX, Barre or Yoga, which Kathleen teaches. For adults 50-plus, you can join the Zoomer classes. There are a variety of classes, including a Zoomer Plus for a more intense workout. Kathleen said she staggers the classes so if you only come at one time every day, there will be something different for you to do almost every time you come.
Kathleen said for her, Zone Conditioning has always been such an accepting place. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at, what kind of day you have had, the people there have been there with open arms to help you achieve your fitness goals. There is no judgment, you don’t feel overwhelmed, just the perfect workout you need when you walk in the door.
Right now, you can get a visitor trial, 15 days for $15. They’ve also torn up the contracts. You can cancel at any time during your first 30 days with 24 hours notice. After the first 30 days, you will need a 30 day notice to cancel.
Zone Conditioning is located at 2728 N. Mt. Juliet Road behind the Juice Bar. You can contact them at (615)754-ZONE or find them on the internet at