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No athletics for virtual academy

Wilson County Schools Public Information Officer Bart Barker said Wednesday that athletes will not be able to participate in school sports if they are enrolled in the virtual program in the 2021-22 school year.
Barker said that scheduling students in the virtual program with their respective sports teams caused problems over the past year, and the program will now be its own virtual academy.
“The logistics that go into that make it extremely difficult,” said Barker.
Barker said that the school system was kind of learning as they went this past year with virtual because it is something they had never done before.
“It was like trying to build an airplane right before takeoff,” said Barker.
He said that they have learned a lot this year, and instead of picking educators from different schools to teach the programs, they thought it was a better idea to just make it its own academy. It will also only be grades 6-12.
“It could change down the road,” said Barker of the possibility of athletes being able to participate.
He said the possibility that the academy would be its own team would be difficult because of enrollment, but they could co-op with other schools. But as of right now, the best way moving forward is to focus on the academics and logistics of making the program as successful as can be.

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