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Numerous projects on Planning Commission Agenda Thursday

The Planning Commission has a packed agenda Thursday night.
A Preliminary Plat for Stonehaven Subdivision on Mays Chapel Road is on the agenda. A preliminary plat for the neighborhood was approved by the City in 2018, but has since expired. It will have 133 lots, with 1.26 lots per acre. It is outside the city limits, but within the City’s urban growth boundary which makes it subject to compliance with the City’s Subdivision Regulations.
Another subdivision, Curd Road Subdivision, is seeking Annexation, Plan of Services, Preliminary Master Development Plan and Rezoning Approval for a property located between Curd Road and Beckwith Road. There will be 208 lots on 88.88 acres. Some of the amenities will include a pool/cabana and parking, pocket park, trailhead and park trailhead.
Chandler Road Subdivision, another one on the agenda, is seeking Annexation, Plan of Services and Master Site Development Plan. The subdivision will be 35 single family lots on 19.18 acres.
The commission will review a Site Plan Modification for the Golden Property at 4591 Beckwith Road. The applicant is looking for a modification to a plan that was originally approved in November of 2020. The plan has a two-story building with a convenience store with six fuel pumps, a restaurant and office development. The project is short six parking spaces, and is seeking a variance.
Also on the agenda is a Site Plan for MJ Elite Gymnastics on Clemmons Road. The site will have a gym building and five commercial buildings, all those compatible and complimentary with a gymnastics studio.
The commission is also hearing a Land Use Amendment to the U-Haul on Lebanon Road. The applicant is seeking a change to the piece of property on the corner of Lebanon Road and Grandview Circle from Thoroughfare Commercial to Light Industrial so they can build a self-storage building.
A Land Use Amendment is also being sought for Velocity Motorcars on 100 NW Rutland Road. The Future Land Use Plan identifies the site as Neighborhood Commercial and the site is zoned Commercial Town Center. Auto service is not permitted in CTC. Velocity Motorcars is a by appointment only, fully enclosed auto dealership, repair and service center for high end luxury and exotic cars. The commission will also hear the Preliminary Master Development Plan for the project.
The planning commission will also readopt Design Guidelines for the City to be more in line with Tennessee House Bill 749, which states the state fire code “shall not discriminate against of in favor of particular construction materials or techniques”.
The Planning Commission meetings are held at City Hall. You can also watch them via the city’s website,, or on their YouTube page.