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Old Friends dog cottages development approved

The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission approved Thursday a unique development for the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.
Two existing properties will be taken over by Old Friends so they can build perpetual dog care cottages on Nonaville Road up the street from their existing facility. The development will be about 10 cottages, with four or five dogs living inside each cottage. Old Friends Co-Founder Zina Goodin said that they get a lot of dogs that are from people who pre-decease their dogs or have to go to assisted living. This would be a place where the dogs can live in a home-like environment for the remainder of their lives, and receive all the care that Old Friends provides like medical care for the remainder of their lives, as well as daily care.
“This is wonderful what you are doing,” said Commissioner Scott Hefner. “This is fantastic.”
There will be caretakers for each cottage, though they won’t sleep in the cottage with the dogs. Volunteers will also come spend time with the dogs. The rezone of the property to allow the development to move forward passed unanimously.
A plan to put townhomes on South Mt. Juliet Road in the open area beside the Publix shopping center was denied. The land is zoned Interstate Commercial, but developers sought to get a land use amendment to multi-family and rezone to RM-16. Planning denied the requests.