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Old Friends ready to move to their new home

In just under 10 years, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary has gone from a labor of love in one couple’s home, to a state-of-the-art facility taking care of hundreds of dogs.
“We thought we would be in our house forever,” said Co-Founder Zina Goodin, who runs the facility with her husband Michael Goodin.
The couple started the rescue out of their home in Wilson County, which ended up not being enough. The house next to them went up for sale, and they bought that, but it was still wasn’t enough. Plus, the Zoning Board in their area said they couldn’t run the rescue out of their homes any longer.
“That was the push we needed,” said Zina to get their own facility. She said zoning originally gave them two months, but once they got a plan in place, they let them operate until they got their own location, which happened nine months later.
Since 2017, they have been in their current facility on Lebanon Road, but that location became hard to maintain. The floors were degrading, and if you put apoxy floors down, no pets can be on it for three days. Also, their veterinarian is working out of two tiny offices. That obviously didn’t work for their operation, so they started looking into building their own facility.
What that turned into was a multi-million dollar facility that can house over 100 dogs, and allow the medical staff to treat them, as well as the several hundred more that are fostered in the area.
How they got to that dollar amount is donations and word of mouth, mostly by Facebook. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and another 157,000 on Instagram. People from all over the world follow their social media to get updates on the dogs that live in the facility, the many others that come through and are at their foster homes. Zina originally did all the posting, but Michael wasn’t convinced social media was going to make that big of a difference.
“I was completely wrong about that,” said Michael.
Many, many donations later, the Goodins and their staff have a state-of-the-art facility with all the bells and whistles to help take care of the dogs. They have a complete medical wing, different suites for dogs based on their needs that will allow them to come in and out as they need, and tons of outdoor space for the dogs. The outdoor space even includes a splash pad for the dogs that love the water. Inside, there is a full-service kitchen, interactive boards so the staff can know what the dogs need for the day, full laundry facilities, conference rooms, and food storage for the hundreds of pounds of food they go through in a week. The building is fitted with many features that will help keep the facility clean and safe for the dogs.
The community will get their first look at the new Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Saturday when they will hold a dog parade to transfer the animals to the new place. It will begin at 11 a.m. and will travel from the old facility at 12110 Lebanon Road, to their new place on Nonaville Road near the Windtree Trace neighborhood. The Mt. Juliet Police Department will escort the dogs to their new home.
For more information on Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, visit, or find them on Facebook or Instagram.