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Our Love For God

Bryan Cowan Associate Pastor, Faith is the Victory Church

What does it mean to love God or to say I have love for God? 1 John 5:3 from the King James Version reads “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.” One translation reads from the first part of this verse, “For this is loving God…” When we look closely at scripture and the life of Jesus, this is exactly what we see.

We love God or we are loving God as we keep or do His commandments and His commandments are not grievous or hard to do. This is how Jesus lived every moment because he told us that he never said or did anything that he did not first hear or see his Father do.

That is an amazing statement and it shows the love that Jesus had for his Father and the way by which he d i s p l a y e d that love, through obedience.

The word grievous in this verse means weighty or burdensome. God’s commandments or the principles from His Word that He instructs for us to live by are not hard or weighty or burdensome. Many times people think of these as “dos or don’ts” and as boundaries that God does not allow His children to go beyond. But really God’s commandments are there as a guide and a pathway for us to draw near to God and to express our love for Him through and by our obedience to His word.

As our obedience is expressed to Him what follows is always the blessing of God coming into our lives enriching us and lifting us to a level of faith whereby the situations and circumstances of this life do not influence and affect us in a way as they might otherwise without His blessing.

So the next time you hear someone say that they love God or when we ourselves think this thought let us remember how we are to do so, by our obedience to the Word.

Each person as we look at ourselves, let us see if we are loving God and let us all strive to be like Jesus where we too could say that we only say and do what our Heavenly Father has shown us from His Word and that we only act as we have been led to do by the Holy Spirit.

When we do this we are “loving God.”

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