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Pelican’s making SnoBalls in the heat of summer

We are in the hottest part of summer, but there is still snow in Mt. Juliet.
Pelican’s SnoBalls have been keeping people cool all summer in their location in Hawk’s Landing.
“It seems like everyone who has tried it here, comes back,” said owner Eric Miller of Pelican’s New Orleans shaved ice.
Pelican’s prides themselves on their SnoBalls, which they say combines smooth fluffy snow with bold flavors. The snow instantly melts in your mouth, no crunching, just the terrific taste of the flavor you chose. The secret is in how it is made. It needs to be made at the right temperature, the right humidity.
“When those two things are in harmony, you get snow,” said Miller. “I make snow…literally.”
There are over 100 flavors to choose from, whether you want something simple like strawberry, or one of the more unique flavors like carrot cake. Miller said he did a wedding recently where the bride and groom had their cake, and the guests had cake flavored Pelican’s SnoBalls. It was an outdoor wedding, so it kept everyone cool for the event. They have sugar free options, dye free and gluten free as well.
Miller’s son sparked the idea in him to open the business. He asked if there was any business they could open together because he was looking for a change. Miller happened to be sitting in a Pelican’s SnoBalls in North Carolina at the time. He asked his wife if she thought it was a good idea, she agreed, so he started the process.
Miller had family in Nashville, so he told Pelican’s SnoBalls that is where he wanted to be. They were excited, and he started looking for places in the area. However, the rents in the Nashville area were so high, that he had to look outside the city. He looked in Donelson, Mt. Juliet and was actually measuring a place in Hendersonville when the property owner called and said they had just leased it to someone else. He was wondering whether he made the right decision.
“I questioned whether or not I was even supposed to do this,” said Miller.
Miller happened to drive into Gallatin before heading back to Nashville, and came across a for lease sign propped up against a building that looked like a good spot. He finally got the lease signed, got the building ready and opened up.
Miller thought it would do well, but it exploded. This was in 2019, and when COVID-19 hit in 2020, there was a fear that all that progress would slow. The opposite happened. Since that location was more oriented to outdoor dining, business actually got better.
That started the process of opening a second store, and Mt. Juliet seemed like the perfect spot. He said after Gallatin and Hendersonville, the most visitors to the store were from Mt. Juliet. Eight percent of the customers to the store were from the 37122 zip code. That led to him finding the spot in Hawk’s Landing and getting his second store.
Miller wants to be a big part of Mt. Juliet. They already help out many non-profits, and they love to work with the schools doing things like spirit nights or other events.
“I pride myself on being a part of the community,” said Miller.
They also offer a 50 percent discount to the families of police, fire, first responders, active duty military and veterans.
You can visit Pelican’s SnoBalls at 11853 Lebanon Road. You can reach them at (615)502-0422 or check them out on the web at