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Plans filed to build townhomes

Plans to build townhomes at the site of Cedar Creek Sports Center were recently filed to the City of Mt. Juliet and soon will be presented to the City Planning Commission. The center will remain open throughout the summer.

Jim Schunk, an owner of Cedar Creek Sports Center, said he filed plans to build 48 for-sale, high-end townhomes with two commercial lots along the front of the 16.5-acre property. There are still issues surrounding the plans, such as being on floodplains, but Schunk said he is working through it with the city.

Schunk stressed that none of the plans have been approved by City at this time, but he is hopeful. He expects to present them to the planning commission at the meeting later this month.

Schunk said he would like to keep ownership over the commercial lots, but he would probably sell the townhome lots to a developer. The plans also include a 5-acre green space for townhome owners to enjoy spending time outside.

“We’ve operated [the center] for 29 years, and the city’s been fantastic, I’ve loved it,” said Schunk. “This has been a hard decision for me.”

Cedar Creek Sports Center was opened by Schunk’s father in 1991 and has provided a space for children and adults alike to have recreational fun, but Schunk said the business has not been financially stable for years.

The family’s decision to close the center, though tough to make, comes at the right time, Schunk said. He said he does a majority of the hard work around the property, keeping it clean and maintaining it, mainly because he cannot afford to have someone else do it.

“It’s not a profitable business,” said Schunk. “It’s been a fun business and it’s awesome and I love it. The people have been fantastic, but at the end of the day it’s not sustainable going forward.”

Schunk said that his time running Cedar Creek Sports Center has been wonderful.

“It’s been special to me,” he said. “I’ve said all along there’s not many areas with people that are better than the people in Mt. Juliet.”

Cedar Creek Sports Center is located at 10770 Lebanon Road, and offers a variety of activities including putt-putt golf, a driving range, a go-kart track and more. For more information, visit

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