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Potts named City of Mt. Juliet Employee of the Year

The City of Mt. Juliet has named Marty Potts as their Employee of the Year for 2021.
Potts has been with the City of Mt. Juliet for 17 years. He currently holds the title of Codes Enforcement.
2021 was a particularly tough year for Potts as his wife Tonya has been in the hospital since Oct. 5 battling COVID-19. City Manager Kenny Martin said they told Potts to go take care of his wife and not worry about his work, but Potts managed to do both jobs, getting his work done at the City then going to the hospital to take care of his wife every day.
“He is an even better human being than he is an employee,” said Martin.
Potts was honored at the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners meeting Monday.
“That’s a huge honor, I appreciate everything that City has done,” said Potts.
Potts said the last three months have been tough, and he applauded his co-workers, sharing the award with them.
“They get as much credit in this as I do,” said Potts.
Potts was chosen by his peers from a list of Employees of the Month throughout the year. Potts won in October, and it was written about him at the time “I have seen angry disgruntled citizens come in and demand to speak with Marty, only to walk away calm and happy. There are countless citizens Marty Potts must approach and demand they follow city ordinances, which doesn’t always put him on a popular list with some. He takes the grief and makes positive results.”
Martin said that the hope is that Tonya will get out of the hospital sometime at the end of January or the beginning of February.